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Requirements for a School Administrator Certificate (certification necessary for a New Jersey Superintendent) changed in September 1992.  Those who already possessed the School Administrator's Certificate were grandfathered and do not have to meet the new Requirements.  All others, including experienced superintendents in other states must fulfill the standards of the new code.






Required graduate course work in specific topics

Required graduate course work in specific topics

Earned Masters Degree in any field

Earned Masters Degree in a program emphasizing management and leadership 1.

Three years of teaching experience

Passage of The Praxis Test for Educational Leadership: Administration and Supervision

Three years of administrative experience.  (Candidate must have spent at least 50 % of time in a position that requires evaluation of subordinates.)

Certificate of Eligibility issued

Issuance of a permanent School Administrator Certificate

Assessment of performance, conducted by state-approved assessors  (Not currently required)


Offer of employment in district that will sponsor  residency  (Provisional Certificate issued)


Completion of 135 hours of formal instruction overseen by a state-appointed mentor


Three formal evaluations (submitted to SDOE) by mentor including a final evaluation and recommendation for permanent certification


Issuance of a permanent School Administrator Certificate

1.  Applicants, who have served at least 5 years as superintendent in another state, may have a Masters Degree in any field.      

New Licensing Regulations – May 1, 2002

Implementation of N.J.A.C. 6:11-9.4 School Administrator

          1.  Out-of-state administrator candidates with more than five years of experience.  Applicants for the School Administrator certificate who can present five years of successful, full-time experience under an out-of-state school administrator certificate, do not have to take a written examination.  The modified residency is six months in duration, and will serve to acquaint the candidate with New Jersey law, finance and the Core Curriculum Content Standards.

        2.  Out-of-State school administrator candidates with less than five years of experience.  Although a passing score on a written examination is required, out-of-state applicants for the school administrator certificate with less than five years of experience may substitute a passing score on the School Superintendent Assessment (SSA) for the written examination currently required by New Jersey.  The passing score of the SSA is determined by the state in which the examination was taken.

        3.  Experienced New Jersey principals.  Applicants for the School Administrator certificate, who have five years of successful experience as a New Jersey certified principal in a New Jersey public school, may present this experience in lieu of a master’s degree in leadership and management.  The required experience must be in a principal position.  Experience in positions such as vice principal, assistant principal, or director is not acceptable.  All other requirements currently in effect apply to these candidates.

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