Legislative Committee
Adopts NJSBA’s advocacy action plan and promotes local, county and statewide advocacy networks on issues affecting public education.
Resolutions Subcommittee
Researches and makes recommendations for action on resolutions to establish NJSBA policy, which are submitted to the Delegate Assembly.
School Finance Committee
Studies issues related to school finance and monitors New Jersey’s school funding law and its impact on all districts.
Special Education Committee
Studies issues affecting the delivery of special education services and recommends NJSBA positions on special education statute, code and funding.
Ethics Committee
Establishes the code of conduct for NJSBA officials and investigates any complaints of misconduct.
Audit Committee
Ensures that NJSBA has appropriate financial controls in place and oversees the Association’s annual audit.
Urban Boards Committee
Studies trends and issues in urban education and addresses the concerns of urban school districts.
Standards & Assessment Committee
Monitors, studies and makes recommendations on the state’s curriculum standards and student assessment program.
NJSBA Finance Committee
Prepares and submits NJSBA’s annual budget to the Board of Directors and advises the Board on matters affecting Association finances.