Education Matters


Education Matters highlights governance and other issues that school board members, school administrators and charter school trustees will be dealing with each month.

The host of the show is Ray Pinney, NJSBA's member outreach coordinator, who also hosts the Association's online radio show, Conversations on New Jersey Education.

Viewers may submit questions for Ray Pinney to answer on the show using our online contact form.

Latest Episodes

Senate President Steve Sweeney Discusses Critical Issues in Education
May 14, 2015
Senate President Steve Sweeney shares his viewpoint on the state pension crisis, the superintendent salary cap and other key issues. (Please note that the views expressed by Senator Sweeney are his views and do not necessarily represent the views of NJSBA.)
Senate's Top Republican Shares Viewpoint on Public Education
May 13, 2015
Senate GOP Leader, Tom Kean, Jr., discusses current educational issues and the role of local school boards in advocacy. (Please note that the views expressed by Senator Kean are his views and do not necessarily represent the views of NJSBA.)
Getting Started as a Sustainable School
March 11, 2015
Many schools and school districts are interested in the new Sustainable Jersey for Schools program. What are the steps that a school district and a school board needs to take in order to become certified? Are there current district practices that might be recognized as a best practice? Please join host Ray Pinney as he discusses the procedures for the Sustainable Jersey for Schools program with Heather McCall, Director of Sustainable New Jersey.
Education Matters: The Sunshine Law, Meeting Minutes & Taping of Meetings
November 21, 2012
Please Join host Ray Pinney as he discusses what boards need to know about their minutes and the public's rights to tape meetings.
Education Matters: The Sunshine Law, Meetings & Committees
October 18, 2012
Discussing the Sunshine Law and What Constitutes a Meeting -- New technology makes it difficult to determine what a meeting is and it also makes it possible for remote participation. In addition the presenters speak on the Sunshine Law and the role of committees. Please join Education Matters host Ray Pinney and NJSBA counsel Donna Kaye as they discuss issues such as board committees, emails and what constitutes a meeting under the Sunshine Law. Episode 1