School Board Notes • November 1, 2012 • Vol. XXXVI No. 13

John Bulina

A Message from NJSBA’s President

In the aftermath…

Dear NJSBA Member,

To the many communities that suffered massive destruction during Hurricane Sandy, the hearts and thoughts of the NJSBA leadership and staff are with you. The unprecedented storm destroyed homes, cut off transportation, and affected school buildings and programs.

Some schools served as emergency shelters for displaced residents, but others are situated in communities devastated by tidal surges, floods and damaging winds. There is a strong possibility that they will be unusable as educational facilities for quite some time. Classroom supplies and equipment may also have been destroyed. Nearly all of the state's public schools closed for several days, disrupting academic calendars.

The destruction has also affected NJSBA staff members, many of whom are without power and have limited ability to travel. Therefore, NJSBA offices will remain closed for the remainder of the week and will reopen on Monday, November 5.

To present an accurate picture of the storm's impact to state officials and the news media, NJSBA will be reaching out to school administrators for cost estimates of physical damage and information on how education programs have been affected. Next week, as school leaders assess the full extent of the storm's impact, be assured that NJSBA will be able to provide critical information on school law, policy and governance. Our toll-free number is 1 (888) 886-5722.

We will be here to listen, assist, and advocate for your needs.

Sincerely yours,

John Bulina

John Bulina