School Board Notes • January 8, 2013 • Vol. XXXVI No. 22

Candidate Kit

Candidate Kit for the April School Election Is Available Online

The New Jersey School Boards Association has published an online Candidate Kit with information for citizens interested in running for a position on their local board of education in April. Approximately 65 school districts will conduct elections on Tuesday, April 16

The School Board Candidate Kit includes:

  • A sample nominating petition, which is the document that gets a candidate's name on the ballot;
  • A description of how to become a board member, with frequently asked questions;
  • Important dates in the April school election process;
  • Online Candidate Briefings where NJSBA staff explain what to expect if elected to a school board; and
  • School ethics information and resources for campaign reporting.

Feb. 25 Deadline For the April school election, a candidate's nominating petition must be submitted by 4 p.m. Feb. 25 to the school board secretary (not the county clerk, who collects the school board nominating petition only for November elections).

To download a kit, check the "What's New" section of NJSBA's website or go directly to the kit online, at

Two Election Dates For decades, New Jersey voters in more than 90 percent of school districts selected school board candidates and determined their school district's budget on the third Tuesday of each April. However, legislation enacted early last year allowed communities to move their annual school election date to the General Election in November. Adopting the change places school board candidates on the November ballot, but eliminates the requirement that a school board submit its proposed budget to the voters as long as it remains at or below the state's 2-percent levy cap.

In all, 468 (or over 85 percent) of the state's elected school boards held their elections in November 2012, while 73 school districts held their elections in April 2012. Several of the 73 April-election districts have since moved to November elections starting in 2013. According to the law that authorizes November school board member elections, any change in the election date must remain in place for at least four years.

After the April school elections, NJSBA's Candidate Kit website will be updated with information to reflect the coming November school elections.

For more information, contact NJSBA's Communications Department by calling (609) 278-5209 or via email.