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We all agree that our nation’s future depends on the quality of the education that our children receive today.

While we all appreciate the importance of a great public education system, many people don’t understand how public policy decisions made by state and federal lawmakers can affect our education system –both positively and negatively.

Parent Connections will serve as a resource to parents so that they can be better informed on educational policy debates such as school funding, testing, school choice and others. In addition, school governance is a subject that is rarely discussed but is of equal importance.  Parent Connections will serve as a resource explaining "who does what" in public education.

If you have a question on school governance or education policy that you do not see addressed on this webpage, please contact us and we will quickly respond to your inquiry.

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The Quandary of the Holiday Concert

November 21st, 2014


Ray Pinney


Nothing brings families together like the holidays. Gatherings that combine good food and beloved family members are what make the holiday season so special for many people.

Yet it is also true that nothing exposes the cracks in family harmony like the holiday season.  Aunt Mary wants to bring her “famous” pot roast, which actually induces indigestion in all who ingest it. Aunt Bertha and Uncle Gus do not speak so they cannot be invited to the same party, and if they host an event the same day, family members have an awkward decision to make that will probably offend someone.

In our schools, holiday concerts can sometimes prompt similar awkward situations and deeply-felt emotions.

The school is packed with parents as students perform selections that are familiar to almost everyone. It is usually one of the best-attended school events of the year. Everyone is usually in a good mood and it is hard to find a better time at the school. I know that from experience of having had children who were in the school band that there probably is no such thing as a bad holiday concert.

Yet occasionally, Read the rest of this entry »

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