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Our nation’s future depends on the quality of the education that our children receive today.

While we all appreciate the importance of a great public education system, many people don’t understand how the public policy decisions made by state and federal lawmakers affect our schools—both positively and negatively.

Parent Connections is a resource that enables parents to be better informed on educational policy debates such as school funding, testing, school choice, and others. It also focuses on school district governance—a subject that is rarely discussed but is of equal importance. Parent Connections explains "who does what" in public education.

If you cannot find information about an educational issue or school governance matter on this webpage, please submit a question by using the box in the upper left-hand corner.

The Role of the Local Board Member

Most parents know that their schools are governed by a board of education. But they may not understand some of the basics of school board governance—in particular, why community members volunteer their time to serve on the school board. Hear New Jersey board members talk about board service and what it means to them in this short video.

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The Lessons of PARCC

March 31st, 2015


Ray Pinney

I remember when my children were in the third or fourth grade and the counselor for the after-school program pulled me aside to talk about my daughter’s behavior. 

This shocked me because my daughter was always the most well-behaved student.  Apparently, she was saying with great conviction that one of our nation’s political leaders was “stupid.”  She was really passionate about the subject, and I am sure the counselor had no idea how to handle a young girl arguing politics. He was more accustomed to arguments over playground games and crayons than political debates among eleven-year olds.

I was also a little shocked because, while I have my political views, even at home I try to keep the conversation civil and respectful.  I really hate when a political debate becomes centered on personalities and anger, instead of policy. So I asked my daughter about it and she was not very apologetic about her passion.  She said, “Grandpa (my father) agrees with me!” She was right. When I confronted my father about my daughter’s passion he took her side, as she predicted he would. In fact, I think he was a bit proud of her. Read the rest of this entry »

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