Law Restricts Bond Elections to Five Dates


TRENTON, June 6, 2001—A new law will limit school construction questions and other special referenda to five dates throughout the year.  The legislation, S-249, signed into law last week, provides that—

 ·        Special school elections may be held only on the fourth Tuesday in January, the second Tuesday in March, the last Tuesday in September or the second Tuesday in December.  (School boards can continue to hold bond elections and other referenda on the Annual School Election.)

 ·        A board of education must give the municipal clerk and the county board of elections no less than 60 days' notice, in writing, of its intention to hold a special school election.

 The new law eliminates current provisions that authorize legal voters of the district to petition the school board to hold a special election.

The new law goes into effect 120 days after its enactment.