Associate Membership Program for Charter Schools

Charter Schools

The New Jersey School Boards Association (NJSBA) is your association. We keep you informed with news and insightful analyses of the latest trends, State Board of Education actions, Commissioner of Education decisions, School Ethics Commission decisions and advisory opinions, court rulings, and legislative initiatives affecting education in New Jersey.

You also receive member pricing on our programs, conferences, and publications. And when you need it, advice from an NJSBA expert is just a phone call away. NJSBA offers an array of programs and services to help you do your job effectively, overcome challenges, and reap the rewards of successful service to your school and community.


NJSBA staff has expertise in all issues affecting school governance, including education law, policy, labor, government and community relations, finance, facilities planning, and more. Whether you need advice to guide your search for a new lead person or are grappling with a collective bargaining issue, our experienced advisors are never more than a phone call away. You can even pick up the phone to talk with our designated “attorney of the day.” You may also arrange with our Field Services Department for more extensive on-site services at a special associate member rate.


Associate members are welcome to attend NJSBA training programs and conferences at reduced member rates, which are half off non-member rates—a significant value that can repay the price of membership in short order! Our acclaimed events and programs include:

Statewide and Regional Training Programs

Whether you’re new to school leadership or a seasoned veteran, there are always new skills to develop. NJSBA offers training opportunities to help you reach your full potential.

Mandated Training

NJSBA has been selected, by the state, as the designated training provider for all of the mandated courses. All charter school trustees must attend Governance I: New Board Member Orientation Conference in their first year of service. In addition, other charter school trustees must attend training in subsequent years if they fall into one of the following categories:

  • 2nd year of service – Governance II
  • 3rd year of service – Governance III
  • Reelected/Reappointed Trustees/Board Members year 4, 7, 10 (every 3 years thereafter) – Governance IV: Legal Update


You’ll receive members-only access to essential online resources and databases, which include our:

Critical Policy Reference Manual

A comprehensive reference source of essential policies required by law, code, or the state monitoring process. Contains sample policy language and legal references. A “must have” for every charter school.

The Negotiations Data Sourcebook

A comprehensive source of teacher contract bargaining data, including settlement rates, salary guides, insurances, leaves of absence, and selected contract terms.

Access to Publications

Our members stay up to date on the latest topics with free subscriptions to our newsletters and magazine, and reduced rates on our most popular resources. Publications and resources include:

School Board Notes

NJSBA’s weekly newsletter, provides timely information on state and federal legislation, recent ethics opinions, relevant court decisions, NJSBA positions, membership services and more.

School Leader

NJSBA’s award-winning bi-monthly magazine, explores education trends and analyzes relevant education issues. It also highlights unique education programs, local achievements and member opinions.

Resource Catalog

Our Resource Catalog has a broad selection of materials to help you fulfill your leadership role. NJSBA publishes books that address legal issues, labor relations and policy. In addition to books, the catalog features CD-ROMS, videos, and online subscription services. Publications are deeply discounted (or in many cases free) for members.

Associate Membership

Your charter school’s Associate Membership in NJSBA covers all trustees, the lead person/administrator, and business official. It is an investment in your school and children’s future.


For more information or to enroll, please contact Lou Schimenti, Product and Services Specialist, at 609-278-5271 or via e-mail at lschimenti@njsba.org.