Settlement Rates in Perspective

Labor Relations

Updated: 6/20/14

2013-14 Year in Review: Teacher contract settlements that cover the 2013-14 school year have increased slightly from 2.21% this time last year, to 2.29%. Teacher’s contracts which start with the 2013-14 school year have reported an average increase of 2.43% this year, and 2.51% for 2014-15. In addition to negotiating salary increases, boards of education have been successful in achieving concessions from the union, many (33% of reported settlements) in the area of additional work time. 63% of districts reporting a settlement to NJSBA have indicated that they reached their settlement through face-to-face negotiations, 27% through mediation, 8% through factfinding before the report was issued, 2% accepted the factfinder’s report, and one district settled through super-conciliation. When asked how long negotiations took, starting from the first bargaining session until ratification of the agreement, 32% of districts responded that it took 6 months or less, 36% took 7-12 months, 19% took 13-18 months, 6% took 19-24 months, and 7% took longer than 2 years to reach an agreement. There are still 35 districts which have not yet reached a new agreement for contracts that expired last year and approximately 7 districts who have not reached an agreement for contracts that expired 6/30/12 or earlier. Surveys are currently underway for the 209 districts whose teacher’s contracts expire 6/30/14, so please check back next month for the preliminary results.

To proceed to our current listing of teachers' settlements reached since April 1, 2013, please click on this link Settlement Rates in Perspective. For a preliminary listing of settlements for teachers' contracts which BEGIN with the 2013-14 school year, please click on this link.  For a complete listing of settlements, regardless of settlement date, or for other comparative data on teachers' contracts, please visit the Current Negotiations Data area for additional reports (members-only).

*NOTE: Districts are asked to supply their settlement increases inclusive of increment. Those which have reported a wage freeze to NJSBA are indicating that there will be no increment (i.e. no step advancement) and teachers will be frozen at their current rate of pay for one year. All settlement information is reported to NJSBA through surveys of the district administration offices.

If your district has recently concluded negotiation with your teachers' unit and haven't yet reported the settlement to NJSBA, please contact Sandy Raup, Data Analyst, at sraup@njsba.org or complete this electronic survey.