Alliance for Competitive Energy Services (ACES)

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ACES For more than ten years, the Alliance for Competitive Energy Services (ACES) has procured electricity and natural gas at discounted prices for New Jersey schools. With more than 400 member school districts, ACES is the largest energy-aggregation program in the state. It is also the first program of its kind. With such large participation and long-term experience come unmatched buying power and service. Over the past two years alone, ACES has delivered approximately $50 million in energy-supply savings to its member districts statewide.

Introducing ACESplus While well over one hundred districts have completed free energy audits under the Local Government Energy Audit program, many find it difficult to implement comprehensive upgrades due to funding shortfalls, the complications of New Jersey’s procurement laws or other resource limitations.

In response, we are proud to announce the next generation of energy savings through ACESplus. Using a fully-customized approach, ACESplus will help schools navigate complex financial and technical issues to implement enhanced energy solutions such as renewable sources, energy security, and resource efficiency. Apply the benefits of your ACES membership to ACESplus to achieve greater savings and secure the future of your school.

Membership in ACES is a free benefit to NJSBA members.

GET STARTED TODAY! To join ACES or for more information on ACES and ACESplus, please contact Carol Friedman at (732) 296-0770 or carol.friedman@gabelassociates.com.