Learn more about USBAFlex

NJSBA teamed up with other state school boards associations around the nation as United School Boards Associations (USBA) to provide flexible spending accounts for staff in local school districts. Now that all districts in New Jersey are required to offer flexible spending accounts for school employees, NJSBA encourages boards to consider using the USBAflex program. As a service to school districts, USBAflex is designed to provide customer service at below-market prices through a program that saves money both for the employee and for the school district.

Flexible spending accounts allow an employee to set aside a portion of their paycheck for certain medical or other qualified expenses. Money deducted from an employee’s wages into a flexible spending account is not subject to payroll taxes, saving the employee money on federal taxes, including FICA taxes.

The cost of $3.50 per employee/per month (or $4 if the debit card option is selected) is below the current market rates being charged by for-profit providers. In addition, USBAflex comes with a money-back guarantee – if after a year, a district is dissatisfied with the program, all charges paid for the service will be refunded.

School officials and benefits administrators can visit the USBAflex website to learn more and to request a quote. USBAflex can also be contacted via their e-mail or by calling (877) 872-2125.