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Legislative Update:
Bills Move to Governor's Desk...

Several education-related bills were passed by both houses of the state Legislature before the lawmakers recessed for the summer.

The following NJSBA-supported bills now await the governor’s signature:

  • School construction: A-4336 would reform the state’s school construction program and create the New Jersey Schools Development Authority to oversee school building projects.

  • Eye exams: A-3817 would establish a pilot program to conduct comprehensive eye examinations for second graders.

  • Autism: Bills call for the Commissioner of Education to recommend teacher training instruction on autism awareness and other disabilities (A-4055), the Department of Health and Senior Services to create guidelines for evaluating and referring autism cases (A-4056), and the creation of the New Jersey Adults with Autism Task Force (A-4057).

  • Gangs: A-1973 would require the Attorney General to provide gang-education seminars for school administrators.

  • Bullying: S-993 would add “electronic communications” to the definition of public school harassment, intimidation and bullying.

  • HPV infection: S-2286 would require the distribution of information about human papillomavirus to parents of children in seventh to 12th grade.

  • Infant protection: A-277 would require distribution of pamphlets and other materials to inform certain students of New Jersey’s Safe Haven Infant Protection Act.

  • Job skills: A-2986 would create a pilot program to provide employment opportunities for disadvantaged youth to acquire job skills with public and nonprofit employers.
The governor typically has 45 days to sign bills passed by the Legislature. However, the deadline may be extended until a date after the Senate and Assembly reconvene, which is not expected until after Labor Day.