Suit Calls for Full State Funding

As School Board Notes went to press, the Education Law Center has filed suit to request that the New Jersey Supreme Court compel the state to fund the new school-funding formula, the School Funding Reform Act of 2008, or SFRA.

The Education Law Center – which has represented the students in the state’s 31 special needs, or Abbott districts – contends that in May 2009, the state Supreme Court allowed the state’s new funding formula to go into effect, but said the formula must be fully funded. The center quotes the court’s ruling, “Our finding of constitutionality is premised on the expectation that the state will continue to provide school funding aid during this and the next two years at the levels required by SFRA’s formula each year.”

The center said the legal action was caused by Gov. Christie’s $1.8 billion cut in state aid for 2010-2011. The text of the motion can be found on the center’s website.