October 18, 2011 • Vol. XXXIV • No. 14
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D.C. Scene

NJSBA staff recently met with New Jersey’s congressional staff in Washington, D.C., to discuss the State and Local Funding Flexibility Act (H.R. 2445), a measure that would give local school boards the authority to re-direct certain federal funds as they see fit to support local district initiatives that best meet the purpose of the federal programs. Currently, federal funding is funneled through separate streams, which can limit states’ and school districts’ ability to apply federal funds toward local education priorities that meet the unique needs of their students, according to the bill’s sponsors.

The group also discussed alternative methods of monitoring district spending, as well as the waiver request process for No Child Left Behind.

Clockwise from left are Reggie Felton, director of federal relations for the National School Boards Association; Michael Vrancik, NJSBA’s director of governmental relations; Chris Gaston, congressional aide for Congressman Rush Holt (12th District); and Sharon Seyler, NJSBA legislative coordinator.



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