December 20, 2011 • Vol. XXXV • No. 22
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December Vote Ends Difficult Year
for School Construction Referendums

Voters this month ended a difficult year for school bond elections in New Jersey by approving two of the six New Jersey school-construction proposals on the ballot.

A total of $25.8 million in school construction was approved in the Dec. 13 referendums, out of nearly $139.77 million in school construction that was proposed. Of the amount approved, $8.1 million will qualify for state funds. Not all projects would have received state aid, as three of the proposals specifically noted that the school board did not seek state aid due to uncertainty of state funding or because the state was not approving aid for capital projects.

Year-end Results With Tuesday’s vote totals included, 12 of the 24 bond referendums in 2011 were approved – the fewest number of bond proposals and the fewest approvals since NJSBA began tracking referendums 13 years ago. 

Voters in 2011 approved nearly $119.65 million of the $343.51 million that was placed on the ballot – also the smallest dollar amount proposed and dollars approved in a given year since NJSBA has tracked bond referendums.

NJSBA has posted online a chart providing a year-by-year overview of school construction referendums from 2001 to 2011.

School boards may hold special elections on five specific dates a year. The next date on which a school board may schedule a bond referendum question is Jan. 24.

Results of the Dec. 13 school construction proposals are below.

New Jersey School Construction Referendum Results
Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Total amount requested – $25,889,900  ($139,769,555 proposed)
Amount eligible for state reimbursement – $8,130,091

Galloway Township – Rejected
Roof projects and fire alarm replacement at three schools; drainage and parking lot repairs at one school.
Total amount – $6,982,500

Greater Egg Harbor Regional – Proposal 1 Approved; Proposal 2 Rejected
Proposal 1: Roof, fire alarm and heating/ventilation system replacement at one school, and fire alarm replacement at another school.
Total amount – $14,222,000
Amount eligible for state reimbursement – $8,130,091

Proposal 2 (contingent upon approval of Proposal 1): Replace heating/ventilation system in one school.
Total amount – $12,250,000
Amount eligible for state reimbursement – $7,002,786 

Elmwood Park – Rejected
Roof, window, lighting and other renovations to three elementary schools; additions/renovations to the high/middle school to include gym renovations, athletic fields, parking and administrative facilities.
Total amount – $19,000,000

Lyndhurst – Rejected
Renovations to six schools; additions to four schools.
Total amount – $27,147,155
Amount eligible for state reimbursement – $1,423,936

Piscataway – Rejected
Roof projects and solar panel installation to 12 school buildings.
Total amount – $48,500,000

Randolph Township – Approved
Renovations to several schools including heating/air conditioning systems, window replacement, auditorium and locker rooms; and install turf fields and bleachers.
Total amount – $11,667,900


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