Financing Special Education in New Jersey

New Jersey School Boards Association
September 2007

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News Release: NJSBA Report Calls for Major Changes in Special Education Policy

Comments by Edwina M. Lee, NJSBA Executive Director

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"Financing Special Education in New Jersey" is a research document, based on a year-long study that included statistical analysis of state and federal data, further data collection and on-site visits to school districts. The report provides 14 recommendations for change, many of which are supported by New Jersey School Boards Association policy, but some that the Association's policies do not currently address.

Executive Summary: Findings, Recommendations and Exemplary Programs

Statement of Work and Methodology

History of Special Education in New Jersey

History of Special Education Finance Studies

  1. The Cost of Special Education (1981 Rand Report)
  2. An Analysis of New Jersey’s Special Education Policy – MGT (1996)
  3. New Jersey Special Education Expenditure Project – AIR (1999-2000)
  4. Special Education Review Commission (2006)
  5. NJ State Department of Education Report of Cost of Education (2006)

Special Education Program Cost Center Descriptions

Classification Trends

Placement Trends

Analysis of New Jersey Special Education Revenues

Analysis of New Jersey Special Education Expenditures

Special Education Personnel Trends

Survey Results

Academic Assessment of Students with Disabilities

Out-of-District Placement: Receiving Schools

Transportation Costs for Students with Disabilities

Mediation and Due Process Issues

Summary of District Visits

Exemplary Program Descriptions

Federal and State Regulations

School Board Notes series on special education
Poverty No Factor in Special Education Classification
Slow Progress Toward Inclusion—NJSBA Study
Workshop 2007 to Highlight Study


A-1. Survey
A-2. Impact of Three-Year Age Requirement
A-3. Impact of the Limit to Single-Subject Resource
A-4. Suggestions for Regulatory Change and Other Concerns
A-5. Impediments to Shared Services
A-6. Impact of High Quality Teacher Requirements
A-7. Frequency of Other Related Services
A-8. Assistive Technology
B. District Visitation Questions
C. New Jersey State Department of Education Data Sources
D. Biographies of the Authors

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