School Security Resources

School Security Resources

The safety of our schoolchildren is of paramount importance to all people in the education community. The tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut has prompted school districts to reassess security measures in place in their facilities. The New Jersey School Boards Association has created the School Security Resources web page with the goal of assisting school officials in the process.

Safe and Secure Schools Task Force Final Report

View the full report of NJSBA’s Safe and Security Schools Task Force, What Makes Schools Safe? The report, which includes more than 40 recommendations, was released in October 2014.

Safe and Secure Schools Task Force Preview

View the October 23rd update on the work of NJSBA's School Security Task Force. PowerPoint presentation also available.

State and Federal Resources

NJSBA Resources

Safe and Secure Schools: NJSBA sponsored “Safe and Secure Schools: Perspectives after Newtown” at The College of New Jersey in January 2013. Below are videos and resources:

NJSBA Policy: School Safety and Security Plans – NJSBA’s Policy Department provides guidance on what school board policy should include

A Parents’ Forum: Documents from the NJSBA program “Safe & Secure Schools: A Parents’ Forum,” Paramus, NJ (March 2013)

  • Slideshow: The PowerPoint slideshow of the presentation in Paramus
  • Script: Text by Raymond Wiss, NJSBA past president and host of the Paramus program