Assessments and the use of test data are a component of the educational process. As part of Springfield’s InnovateNJ project, the school district established a program to involve parents in developing a better understanding of their childrens’ test data.

Springfield incorporated an ESL component that addresses the language issues families face when immigrating to the United States, using Rosetta Stone and Technology to facilitate parent/school collaboration in improving the achievement of our ESL population.

The goal is to help students achieve. The program has expanded beyond the initial target population of economically-disadvantaged students providing targeted strategies for families to use at home, in assisting with remediation. This year we are finalizing plans to add a component that will address issues surrounding student behaviors in HIB (harassment, intimidation and bullying) findings.


Contact: Michael Davino, superintendent,

Recieved School Leader Award in 2017. Presented at NJSBA Workshop 2015.