Third- and fourth-graders in Barnegat Township are learning about science, technology, engineering and math – STEM – with something most children are very familiar with: LEGO blocks. But while LEGOs are known as a common toy, working with the plastic building blocks is more than child’s play in Barnegat.

The Gifted and Talented Program students in grades 3 and 4 use the LEGO Robotics Program to work through the design loop process, learning and applying critical thinking and problem-solving skills. In third grade, students build and program a working robot that performs various tasks. In fourth grade, they expand their understanding of engineering, programming and modeling, and work collaboratively to build more complex robots.

By the end of fourth grade, they will also have the opportunity to write original programs for their models.


Contact: Mr. Anthony Scotto, director of curriculum and instruction,


Submitted by school district, January 9, 2015