It began with the Buena Regional School District winning a contest, sponsored by the company Tuckahoe Turf, to have a new  football field installed the district’s aging stadium. Buena won by showing the most spirit among competing school districts, with supporters sending letters and voting for the district’s project.

As a way of expressing thanks, the school board and district officials in June began tossing around the idea of a “PRIDE Day,” which evolved into an all-day event that promoted and celebrated pride in the district.

The Buena PRIDE Day was held on a Saturday in August. All members of the community were invited to take part: Veterans were honored in the opening ceremony; the school band performed; donors were recognized; parents and other residents were offered tours of the schools. The high school sports teams were also showcased, including the varsity football team, which played its first game on the new field. Local rescue workers, the New Jersey State Police, and others were also involved.

Thanks to success of PRIDE Day, the district also raised more funds and in-kind donations to build more athletic fields. Baseball and softball fields have already been built, and more fields are under construction. Next, the school community is setting its sights on raising funds to renovate the high school track, and tennis courts. Previously, many Buena teams had to be bused to a park to play home games. Now, they will be able to play with pride on their home fields.


Contact: Lynda Gazzara, School Services/Marketing Committee Chair and Pride of the Tribe subcommittee chair, at lgazzara@buena.k12.nj.us

Online: www.buena.k12.nj.us

Submitted by the district.