Underwater robots at work in Manchester's STEM Program.
Underwater robots at work in Manchester’s STEM Program.

Manchester Township’s STEM programs are active and effective at the district’s Middle School.

In grades six and seven, students embark on virtual reality adventure trips. They identify problems that occur on their adventure, and research and design solutions to solve them. As a final group project, students integrate all subject areas in STEM – science, technology, engineering and math – and conduct a final presentation.

In eighth grade, students build underwater robots, using circuitry, motor operations, pipe-cutting and soldering. They use the “Sea Perch” remote-operated vehicles to do real-life tasks, and enter in competitions as the extracurricular Engineering Club. In fact, the school’s eighth grade STEM curriculum grew from the afterschool Engineering Club, which had created substantial interest in engineering and technology among students.


Maura Simister, S.T.E.M. teacher, msimister@manchestertwp.org

Submitted by school district, January 26, 2015