Asbury Park Press

Wall cadets in uproar over high school’s ROTC budget cuts

The Board of Education last week voted unanimously to cut nearly $30,000 in funding and reduce its leader, Frank Harrison, to a part-time salary.

Burlington County Times

Surgeon General warning on social media urges action to protect kids

The U.S. surgeon general is warning there is not enough evidence to show that social media is safe for children and teens — and is calling on tech companies, parents and caregivers to take “immediate action to protect kids now.”


AI cameras could come to Newark public schools. What does that mean for student privacy and safety?

As security surveillance technology evolves in schools, experts say oversight and community discussions of its implementation should grow too.

Daily Journal

Surgeon General warning on social media urges action to protect kids

(See above.)

Daily Record

Surgeon General warning on social media urges action to protect kids

(See above.)

South River schools replaces suspensions with community service

South Jersey fourth graders pick up charge to make cranberry juice a state symbol

Their project began in 2020 when students at Eleanor Rush Intermediate School in Cinnaminson became lobbyists — writing letters, visiting the Statehouse to learn how a bill becomes a law, and eventually persuading two lawmakers to sponsor their proposal.

N.J. school district cutting 65 jobs as students


An Essex County school district is facing pushback from students and educators after dozens of employees, including 22 teachers, learned they will be losing their jobs amid a decline in enrollment.

University official: Skilled workers without a college degree should be able to get a good job | Opinion

The university vice president praises Gov. Murphy for his work helping skilled workers without a college degree to earn a living wage.

This single dad worked 3 jobs in college. Meet the new role model for Newark students

Desmond Durham has been working 3 jobs while pursuing a master’s degree in educational leadership at Montclair State University

NJ Spotlight

Court temporarily blocks school district’s policy on gender identity

NJ attorney general sued Hanover school district over LGBTQ disclosure rule.

NJ court halts Hanover school district policy on LGBTQ identity

A state Superior Court paused the new Hanover school district LGBTQ policy until it can hear arguments by the district and the attorney general.

New Jersey Students Compete at Lego League Robotics Competition

This year’s topic was about energy efficiency, with the theme “superpowered” The teams designed and programmed LEGO robots, with movements related to energy production and conservation, which they presented to a panel of judges. 

NJCF Poll Says 70% of Voters Want Change in Newark Public Schools

The poll of 200 registered Newark voters, which was conducted in both English and Spanish, found that the main changes responders wanted are better funding and resources along with improved school safety, NJCF said in a news release.


Education Week

Teachers Are Stressed and Disrespected, But Happier: 7 Takeaways From New Poll

Teachers shared their attitudes about the profession and the challenges they’re facing.

Schools Can Help Students With End-of-the-Year Stress. Here Are 4 Strategies

The end of the school year can bring anxiety that schools can proactively tackle.

White Parents Say They Want Diverse Schools, But Will They Send Their Kids? (Opinion)

Racial stereotypes and reluctance to be in a racial minority are part of how white parents choose.

Schools Are Full of Ethical Dilemmas. Can Ethicists Help?

A political philosopher is leading a push to establish a field called “educational ethics.”

The May Internship: Can It Help Schools Cure Senioritis?

A full-time, monthlong internship is helping seniors stay engaged at one school.

K-12 Tech Leaders Don’t Feel Prepared for Cyberattacks

The findings suggest that K-12 technology leaders are still struggling to figure out how to solve cybersecurity problems, which are becoming more common and complicated.

How a Sense of Safety Shapes Student Learning and Behavior (Opinion)

Feeling unsafe puts kids in an anxious and hypervigilant state that has important implications for learning and behavior.