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Jersey City school district’s $122 million energy saving plan well underway and entering construction phase

The construction phase of the district’s Energy Saving Improvement Program (ESIP) is underway, starting with Dickinson High School and School 3. Work at Ferris High School will start next week.

NJ Spotlight

Lawmakers advance bill to limit book bans, give librarians more protections

Supporters and opponents throng intense Assembly committee hearing, give hours of testimony.

New Jersey Monitor

Bill on library book selection clears Assembly panel after four-hour hearing

The measure would require school districts to draft policies on library curation and the removal of books from library shelves.


Education Week

When Does a School Closure Become Discriminatory?

Civil rights groups don’t want students of color to bear the brunt of closure decisions.

Inside a New School Built to Be Climate-Resilient

This school can withstand earthquakes and power outages from extreme weather.

The State of Career and Technical Education, in Charts

Eighty percent of 2019 high school graduates earned CTE credit, new federal data show.

A More Complete Picture of Immigration’s Impact on U.S. Public Schools

Newly arrived students present challenges in some districts, but not everywhere.

USA Today

Is the Education Department’s civil rights office at a breaking point?

Since the start of the Israel-Hamas war last fall, two of the country’s leading civil rights groups have disagreed on a lot. But they have seen eye-to-eye on one thing: both groups agree the federal office that investigates discrimination complaints in schools lacks the resources to address the mounting pile of reported incidents