School Board Notes, 7/9/2024

Decisions Adopted by the School Ethics Commission on June 17, 2024 



NJCU forms partnership with Hudson Boys and Girls Club, offering 15% discount to members

You don’t need to be a math wiz to know that 15% off a college education is a heck of a deal.


 NJ Spotlight

New urgency to boost literacy among youngest NJ students

New Jersey plans to spend more than $5 million to improve literacy rates among its youngest students, part of a broader effort that includes legislation to boost reading skills.


No COLA increase for retired NJ public workers this year

Most of NJ budget’s $7B allotment to public-worker pension system will go to make up for previous underfunding





Access to free, reduced-price school meals in New Jersey grows 

When New Jersey’s 1.4 million K-12 students return for the new public school year in September, 60,000 more of them will qualify for free or reduced-price meals as a new state law kicks in, representing a new front in the state’s efforts to curb food insecurity.


Education Week

What Happened—and What Didn’t—at This Year’s NEA Representative Assembly

A staff strike led to an incomplete annual meeting for the largest teachers’ union.


Should Teachers Carry Guns? How Two Principals Answer This Question (Video)

One has two armed school employees. The other thinks arming teachers is a bad idea.


USA Today

What the Supreme Court’s Chevron decision means for schools 

Eight current and former staffers at the U.S. Education Department expressed dismay over a recent Supreme Court decision they fear will blunt major regulations affecting K-12 schools and colleges.