NJSBA is offering webinars, podcasts, Facebook Live events, and virtual conferences focusing on the challenges facing local school boards and school districts during the current public health emergency. Join the events live, or access the archived events at your convenience.

Facebook Live

NJSBA is hosting a series of Facebook Live events to address questions from boards, school administrators, and educators during the COVID-19 pandemic. Visit the NJSBA Facebook page to tune in.

Virtual Resources Webinar Series

The Virtual Resources Webinar Series will convey important information related to navigating through the COVID-19 health crisis and will highlight solutions available to help NJSBA members manage the virus’s impact on New Jersey’s educators and students. View upcoming and past events on our webinar page.

Top 10 Tips for New Board Members, Wednesday, July 1 at 11 a.m. Join us for a webinar on our top ten (10) tips to smooth your transition into your role and responsibilities as a new board member. We will also share additional best practices. Watch Now

Powering the K-12 Mobile Environment, Thursday, July 2 at 11 a.m. Learn how to give schools and districts the power to extend the school day with Wi-Fi on the bus and Internet access outside the classroom; manage student mobile devices anywhere; and help students safely explore the digital world. From school to home, Kajeet has K-12 mobile covered. Register Now

Recent Online Events

Podcast: Conversations on New Jersey Education

Conversations on New Jersey Education, NJSBA’s podcast program broadcast over BlogTalkRadio.com, will feature a series of interviews focused on school leadership during the COVID-19 health crisis.

Building Resilience in our Students of Color, Traumatic events affect the learning process for all children, but children of color face even more obstacles. NJSBA’s Ray Pinney interviews Dr. Melissa Sadin, author of a series of books on coping with trauma, and coauthor, with Nathan Levy, of “Teachers’ Guide to Trauma: 20 Things Kids with Trauma Wish Their Teachers Knew.”  Dr. Sadin will discuss the impact of the pandemic on children of color who live in disadvantaged neighborhoods.

Conversations with Educators on the COVID-19 Front Line

Dover The Town of Dover in western Morris County is a diverse community that was hit hard by the COVID-19 outbreak. How did the switch to virtual learning affect this district? What were the most difficult challenges in the move and what are the challenges they see as they move forward? In this podcast, Dr. James McLaughlin, superintendent, and Christina Dalla Palu, assistant superintendent of the Dover Public School District discuss these and other issues with NJSBA’s Ray Pinney. Listen Online

Special Education Meeting the educational and social-emotional needs of special education students is perhaps the most daunting challenge our districts have faced in the transition from in-person instruction to remote learning. Dr. Gerard Crisonino, director of special education at the Jersey City School District, and a school board member in the Berkeley Heights School District, discusses how his district has addressed this issue with NJSBA’s Ray Pinney. Listen Online

Food Distribution One of the biggest challenges many school districts faced when schools closed was that they still had to dispense meals to their students. In this podcast, Mark Gengaro, director of climate and security for the Clifton Public Schools, discusses with NJSBA’s Ray Pinney how that district organized and planned to open three locations for food distribution; then how they made changes to deal with the challenges of social distancing and shifting circumstances. Listen Online

Teaching PE Teaching physical education virtually is a challenge, but it is a challenge the Middlesex County Teacher of the Year, Jennifer Olawski from New Brunswick, meets every day. Listen in as NJSBA’s Ray Pinney discusses with Jennifer how and the district use physical activity to reduce stress for students and staff, and how she checks in with students on their social-emotional needs. Listen Online

The Role of the Principal What is the role of the building principal when the instruction is not occurring in the building?  What are the challenges facing principals in making sure instruction is delivered, and the social-emotional needs of the students are met?  In this interview, Dr. Paul Christopher, who has more than 30 years of experience as a principal, and is currently the principal of Class Academy High School, which is part of the Monmouth County Vocational School district, discusses these and other issues with NJSBA’s Ray Pinney. Listen Online

Teaching AP Classes Even if you are a teacher with superb technological skills, moving from in-classroom to virtual instruction is a challenge.  Katherine Poerner, who teaches Pre-AP U.S. History I and AP U.S. History II at Pinelands Regional High School, discusses meeting the challenges of virtual learning with her students with NJSBA’s Ray Pinney. Listen Online

Long Branch School District The school district of Long Branch is a diverse waterfront city located in Monmouth County. When making the switch to virtual instruction, how did they address the needs of families with limited Internet access or limited devices? What about the dispersion of meals? Join host, Ray Pinney, for a discussion with Long Branch Superintendent, Dr. Michael Salvatore, to find out how the district is addressing the needs of all students. Listen Online

Westfield School District Westfield is a large K-12 district located in Union County. Learn about how the district made the switch to virtual instruction and also partnered with the municipal government on making the community safer and healthier. Join host, Ray Pinney, for a discussion with Westfield Superintendent, Margaret Dolan, on ways that the district is addressing the health crisis while meeting the needs of the students. Listen Online

Keyport School District, Unfortunately, the district of Keyport is no stranger to dealing with natural disasters.  It was one of the districts hardest hit by Superstorm Sandy.  However, COVID-19 presents unprecedented challenges.  How did the superintendent prepare the staff, students, and community for the challenge? In this podcast, Dr. Lisa Savoia, Keyport superintendent, discusses her district’s preparation for COVID-19 and virtual learning. Listen Online

Clifton School District  The City of Clifton is a large, diverse community in Passaic County.  Superintendent  Dr. Danny Robertozzi was in the district for less than 10 months.  How did he rally the staff and students to transition to a new way of delivering education?  In this podcast, Superintendent Robertozzi discusses how his district addressed the crisis with NJSBA’s Ray Pinney. Listen Online

Ramsey School District Like many districts, the school district of Ramsey made a great effort to make sure that their delivery of instruction virtually was the best that it could be.  The superintendent Dr. Matthew Murphy, however, gave equal importance to meeting the social-emotional needs of the students as well. In this podcast, Dr. Murphy discusses how his district addressed the crisis with NJSBA’s Ray Pinney. Listen Online

Sussex County Educational Services Commission Since schools closed, one of the biggest challenges facing districts has been meeting the needs of our special education students. Andrea Romano is the superintendent of the Sussex County Educational Services Commission, which serves the needs of these students. Ray Pinney, NJSBA director of member engagement, will talk with Andrea about these challenges and the steps that Sussex County ESC has taken to provide students with the best virtual education. Listen Online

Mount Olive Public Schools Transitioning a school district to virtual learning on short notice has involved a Herculean effort. In this podcast, Dr. Robert Zywicki, superintendent of the Mount Olive Public Schools, will join NJSBA’s Ray Pinney to discuss the district’s efforts to overcome the challenges and provide quality instruction. Dr. Zywicki will also explain how the school district’s staff is helping the effort to fight COVID-19 by building face shield components for personal protective equipment. Listen Online

Pinelands Regional School District Like many districts, the Pinelands Regional School District has made a great effort to ensure that their delivery of virtual instruction was the best that it could be.  They also had to make sure that they could deliver more than 7,000 meals per week as well. In this interview, the Pinelands superintendent Dr. Melissa McCooley discusses with NJSBA’s Ray Pinney how her district has addressed the crisis and dealt with the needs of their students. Listen Online

Kingsway Regional School District Kingsway Regional School District in Gloucester County has worked hard to continue providing top-notch instruction to their students during this public health emergency.  Kingsway, a sprawling regional district, must communicate with students and parents from four different communities. Dr. James Lavender, the superintendent, discusses with NJSBA’s Ray Pinney how his district has addressed the communication issues, as well as the educational issues, brought on by the COVID-19 crisis. Listen Online

Hamilton Township School District Hamilton Township in Mercer County is one of New Jersey’s larger school districts, with more than 11,000 students.  The superintendent, Dr. Scott Rocco, has led the district through the transition from classroom learning to remote learning with high marks and has partnered with the municipal government to inform the community of the ongoing efforts to battle COVID-19. Join us for a discussion with Dr. Rocco.

A Conversation with NJEA President, Marie Blistan Seemingly overnight, education in New Jersey went from brick and mortar to virtual instruction.  Teachers had to adapt quickly.  In this interview with NJSBA’s Ray Pinney, Marie Blistan, NJEA president, discusses the impact the change has had on her membership, how the education community came together, and what concerns the NJEA may have as we continue through this outbreak.

Podcast: The Impact of COVID-19 on School Board Meetings – Legal Factors – With the COVID-19 pandemic resulting in curfews, school closures, and other efforts to keep people apart, how does a Board of Education operate? Can board members participate remotely?  Can you ban the public?  Join NJSBA’s host Ray Pinney as he discusses these and other issues surrounding board meetings during this difficult time with Carl Tanksley, Director of NJSBA’s Legal and Labor Relations Department, and John Burns a Counsel with NJSBA. Listen Now

Facebook Live

Facebook Live Event: NJSBA I-STEAM and Sustainable Lessons This month, the New Jersey State Board of Education adopted academic standards, in seven content areas, that emphasize climate change.  New Jersey is the first state in the nation to take this action.

Join us for the next Facebook live for a discussion with John Henry, NJSBA STEAM and sustainable schools specialist; Michael Heinz, science coordinator from New Jersey Department of Education; and Heather McCall from Sustainable Jersey for Schools regarding the rationale for climate change education. Erica DeMichele, K-12 supervisor of STEM and sustainability and  coordinator of STEM initiatives for Delran Township schools and Kelly Stone, K-5 STEAM teacher from George L. Catrambone School in Long Branch, will share how they have implemented climate change education in their schools.

Facebook Live Event: Announcing the “Future” of FRS-NJ: Sustainable Jersey Digital Schools, Learn how Sustainable Jersey for Schools (SJS), in partnership with the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) and the New Jersey Schools Boards Association (NJSBA), will continue the important work of the Future Ready Schools – New Jersey (FRS-NJ) certification program. By integrating the existing FRS-NJ indicators, as well as introducing new content related to the use of technology in learning into the new program, we proudly announce Sustainable Jersey Digital Schools.

The Sustainable Jersey Digital Schools program will include guidance on how to meet the challenges of emergency remote digital learning during pandemic conditions, how to implement equitable, effective remote digital learning practices, and provide a framework for the preparation of students for successful lives and careers in a technology-infused world.

Facebook Live: I-STEAM and Sustainability Lessons, with John Henry Join John Henry, NJSBA I-STEAM and Sustainable Specialist, Ben Wurst, Conserve Wildlife Foundation (CWF) biologist and Stephanie DAlessio, CWF Director of Education for a special Livestream broadcast from the Barnegat Light Osprey Cam. We will discuss CWF’s work of monitoring ospreys, their life history and special adaptations, and their incredible recovery from around 50 to over 800 ospreys in New Jersey – while streaming live video from the Osprey Cam. Links and resources for CWF’s webcams (including peregrine falcons and bald eagles, as well as ospreys) will be shared for use in the classroom.

Facebook Live: I-STEAM and Music, with John Henry, Join NJSBA, the Rock and Roll Forever Foundation, and Lake House Studios for a discussion on ways music can encourage and engage students and how music connects us even when we must be apart. You will also learn how to participate in a STEAM Tank “at Home” Challenge, focused on music.

Facebook Live: Policy Update – NJSBA Policy Manager Steve McGettigan and Policy Consultant Jean Harkness will share frequently asked policy questions and will field questions from the live Facebook audience.

Facebook Live: Update from the Field — Gwen Thornton and Kathy Helewa, NJSBA field service representatives,  answer pressing questions on school district governance and board operations.


Effective Board Communication: It Isn’t as Hard as You Think The most effective school boards operate in an atmosphere of respect and promote open communication among its members. Join us for a discussion on how to effectively communicate both at school board meetings and in the community. Watch Now

The Cares Act Update The CARES Act’s Education Stabilization Fund monies for elementary and secondary school responses to COVID-19 have made their way to New Jersey. Join us for a conversation with Elizabeth Evans, senior grants development consultant for education, the Grants Office (NJSBA’s Grants Support Program), for the latest updates.

Districts and charter schools with Local Education Agencies (LEA) status must submit requests to the NJ Department of Education for support by June 19. Don’t miss out on this update to find out what your school or district will need to do to apply for funding. Watch Now

What Every Board Member Should Know About QSAC “What is QSAC and how does it apply to my board responsibilities?” The Quality Single Accountability Continuum (QSAC) allows the NJ Department of Education (NJDOE) to identify High Performing school districts across the state. The NJDOE’s assessment of the board’s role in governance is a key factor in the district obtaining a high performing designation. Tune into this webinar for a short primer on the board’s role in QSAC’s governance assessment. Watch Now

A Discussion Regarding the Software and Services that Enable Distance Learning With Governor Murphy’s order closing schools for the remainder of the school year and the uncertainty of what the future may bring, school districts need to ensure that they are prepared to continue distance learning. Join us for a discussion with school leaders on the software and services available to districts to help provide distance learning more effectively. Watch Now

Board Member Self EvaluationsThe value of conducting a board self-evaluation is especially critical this year. Your board has had to learn new ways to meet and communicate, develop policy, provide oversight, and govern effectively. The self-evaluation will assist in providing an analysis of your strengths to enable the board to meet the challenges that lie ahead. We will discuss NJSBA’s online tool for the Annual Board Self-Evaluation (BSE), including what the BSE covers, why boards should complete the BSE, the benefits of completing the BSE, ways to use the results of the compiled document, and how to complete it online. Watch Now

Webinar: Internet Access for All Students During the COVID-19 Crisis We’ll review paths to acquiring Internet services for students. We will also learn what steps the Federal Communications Commission has taken to ensure that unavoidable short and long-term delays do not put applicants’ E-rate funding support in jeopardy. Watch Now

Webinar: Remote Collaboration During a Crisis Learn how to better collaborate with district staff and board members during the COVID-19 health crisis. We will also review the use of online tools for supporting virtual school board meetings. Watch Now

Webinar: Online Learning: How to Protect Your District’s Data During the COVID-19 Crisis Cybersecurity is becoming more challenging for districts with so many schools delivering education programs virtually. Learn about comprehensive, easy-to-manage solutions for the physical and cybersecurity challenges facing K-12 schools and districts, and ways to strengthen your district’s security posture while making the most of E-rate funding. Watch Now