ALERT: Bill Would Allow Delay of Quarterly Tax Payments to School Districts

Update: The Assembly passed A-3902 this afternoon, 79-0.

March 25, 2020–The Assembly today will consider legislation, A-3902 (Wimberly, Coughlin, Armato), that would authorize the Department of Community Affairs to permit municipalities to delay the quarterly transmission of property tax revenues to school districts.

A-3902 would allow a grace period for the quarterly payments during gubernatorial-declared emergencies, such as New Jersey’s present situation. If approved, the bill would move to the Senate, where there is currently no counterpart. Future Senate and Assembly meetings have not been scheduled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Serious Concern NJSBA has reached out to the Governor’s office and legislative leaders about the bill. On average, local property taxes constitute 60 percent of school district revenue. A delay in the quarterly payments would pose serious financial disruption to school district operations.

The legislation also addresses extension of other timelines applicable to local government units. NJSBA will post updates and further information on its website,

A-3902 is among six bills on today’s Assembly agenda. All deal with the current COVID-19 pandemic, including one, A-3904 (Burzichelli, Schepisi, Lampett, Jasey), that would permit school districts to use virtual instruction to meet the 180-school-day requirement.


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