May 8, 2020—Senate Bill 2392 and Assembly Bill 3969, now under consideration in the Legislature, would authorize the Department of Community Affairs to permit municipalities to delay or alter the transmission of property tax revenue to school districts during gubernatorial-declared emergencies, such as the state’s current situation.

The legislation is an amended version of an earlier Assembly bill (A-3902), which provided for the delay in the transmission of property tax revenue to districts. NJSBA believes that, even with amendments, the new legislation would place a severe strain on school district finances and educational programs.

“The effort of local school boards, by passing resolutions, and individual members, by sending letters to their legislators, was a factor in putting the brakes on the previous version of the bill,” said Dr. Lawrence S. Feinsod, executive director. “We urge members to contact their legislative representatives and express opposition to S-2392/A-3969 as soon as possible.”

S-2392 was on the Senate Budget & Appropriations Committee’s agenda yesterday. The bill was held pending action in the Assembly to make A-3969 identical to the Senate version. NJSBA submitted comments in opposition to the legislation.

Time is of the essence A-3969 is on the Assembly Appropriations Committee agenda for Monday, May 11. The Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee is expected to consider S-2392 again on Tuesday. On Thursday, May 14, voting sessions are scheduled for both the Senate and Assembly.

To help local school officials address this issue with legislators, NJSBA has prepared a sample resolution for school boards to consider and a sample letter for individual members. 

Sample Resolution: Oppose S-2392/A-3969

Sample Letter: Oppose S-2392/A-3969