TRENTON, April 8, 2020–The New Jersey Department of Education today issued a revised school election/budget calendar for 2020. The calendar reflects changes required under Executive Order 116, issued April 7, which adjusted dates in the budget process for the 13 school districts that conduct their Annual School Election in the spring. Under a previous Executive Order, no. 105, the governor had changed the election date for those districts to May 12.

Spring Election Districts Executive Order 116 changes dates for municipal review of defeated budgets, notification of non-tenured staff, and other functions in the districts that would have normally conducted elections in April. It also extends the terms of current board members in those districts to the new date of the board organization meetings (May 18-31).

November Election Districts  However, over 90% of the state’s school districts conduct elections in November. It is worth noting the following key dates in the school/election budget calendar for these districts:

  • April 24 to May 7 — Public hearings on the budget
  • April 26 to May 9 — Posting of user-friendly budget on district website
  • May 14 — Adoption of the budget
  • May 15 — Notification of non-tenured teaching staff
  • May 19 — Certification of school tax levy

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