March 27, 2020 – At his daily press briefing yesterday, Governor Murphy said that the statewide school closing order will remain in effect until April 17 “at the very earliest.”

Under the governor’s Executive Order 104, issued March 16, all public and private schools “shall remain closed as long as this Order remains in effect.” The directive was reinforced in Executive Order 107, issued March 21.

The governor’s statement at the March 26 press briefing follows:

“We will not be prepared to revisit the closure until at least April 17th at the very earliest. The decision to reopen will be based on careful discussion with our public health and safety experts and with our educators and districts, and will be guided by the facts on the ground.

“Again, we will not revisit this question until at least April 17. I appreciate, believe me, that everyone is anxious to get back. I’ve got four kids who are doing distance learning right now at home, but we will not do this piecemeal. We will do this together.”


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