The NJSBA is rolling out the STEAM Tank At Home Challenge, a series of design challenges and problem-based learning activities that students, parents, and other family members can do that promotes hands-on learning, design-based thinking, and sustainability. This is not the STEAM Tank Challenge competition, which is on temporary hold. The new challenge was announced during a Facebook Live event on April 1. Watch the entire April 1 broadcast here.

The STEAM Tank At Home Challenge encourages students to take a look around their house to see if they can invent something new or modify an existing item to solve a problem and make their family’s life better. Students can do this with parents or siblings. Ideas may help others live better and lift their spirits through these challenging times.

The NJSBA STEAM Team encourages student participation in these challenges to improve their skills in STEAM and sustainability and make time at home creative and productive. NJSBA also encourages participants to look at their home as a “Maker in Place” which is a designated area that becomes a learning lab at home.

The suggested guidelines for each challenge:

  • Include family or household members in the challenges.
  • Show respect for others in your home and their personal items.
  • Create virtual team members from your school or other schools.
  • Please follow social distancing guidelines when working with people outside of your household.
  • Use recycled materials or repurpose items from your house and make your solutions as green or ecologically friendly as possible.
  • Create a prototype, video or a written description of your solutions.
  • Post your solutions to the STEAM Tank community through the STEAM Tank “At Home Google form.
More Information

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