In accordance with the Open Public Meetings Act, notice is provided that an NJSBA Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for Friday, May 7, at 7 p.m. The meeting will be held remotely.

The meeting is open to the public. The agenda, to the extent known at this time, includes recognition of retiring members; approval of a resolution on the Hammonton property; approval of employment of a special counsel to represent NJSBA in the sale of the Hamilton property; approval of $100,000 appropriation from free balance for future technology upgrades; approval of a grant request form ELFNJ to ACES for a grant in the amount of $50,000 for fiscal year 2020-21 to support the Sustainable Jersey Digital Schools Program; open session minutes of March 19, 2021;  Legislative Committee appointments, and updates on NJSBA activities, advocacy, and the NJSBA On-Line University, and comments from the NJSBA Officers and Executive Director.

Members of the public may join the meeting by telephone at +1-415-655-0002 US Toll/Access code: 127 840 9828.  For further information, contact Ann Marie Smith at (609) 278-5209.