Certain rubber-like polyurethane gym floors can emit mercury vapor, according to a 2017 report from the New Jersey Work Environment Council. And recent news reports indicate that a number of school districts are taking action to mitigate the hazard.

The NJEWC report advises, “If the floor removal is not going to take place in the near future, measures to limit mercury exposure should be implemented. At a minimum, these include cool temperatures, good ventilation and ongoing air sampling.”

The New Jersey School Boards Association has been informing its members about mercury vapors emanating from gym floors for the past two years.

The May-June 2017 issue of School Leader magazine addressed the issue in detail.  The January 18, 2017 issue of School Board Notes covered a report about mercury vapors found in schools.

Further information is available in a fact sheet posted on the New Jersey Work Environment Council website here.