Teachers, guidance counselors, students and parents are encouraged to use NJCAN.org, a free career navigation system provided by the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE).

NJCAN offers comprehensive information to students to develop college and career plans, while giving teachers a tool to meet career and technical education standards.

NJCAN includes tools that encourage:

  • self-assessment;
  • career and post-secondary education exploration;
  • research;
  • goal setting, and
  • decision-making.

It is designed to support lifelong career exploration and career planning through:

  • easy-to-use personal assessments;
  • occupational descriptions;
  • educational and financial aid information, and
  • job search tools.

NJCAN also includes an online portfolio for highlighting students’ abilities, experiences, and achievements. The site helps students make informed decisions about their future based on relevant, actionable information.

In 2018, the NJSBA published an in-depth report on the need to help students graduate with marketable skills and alternatives to college. On pages 32 and 33 of the Educational Opportunities for the Non-College Bound Learner report, the NJSBA said the state should further develop NJCAN as an assessment support to help students identify and explore career pathways.

For more information about how NJCAN can help students find careers that are right for them, email NJCAN@doe.state.nj.us or call (848) 932-1085.