To assist New Jersey’s boards of education during this difficult school year, NJSBA recently went live  with a new webpage, “Meeting the Challenges of the 2020-2021 School Year.” The page can be found at  

The page collects and organizes a broad range of resources that districts will find helpful in one place, so members can easily locate the information they need.  The webpage also provides an updated overview of NJSBA’s COVID-related videos, podcasts and webinars.  

The page includes four main sections:  

  • Educating the Whole Child: includes resources on distance learning, health and wellness, social-emotional learning, special education and arts education 
  • NJSBA Resources: includes the NJSBA series of special reports, highlights from publications, updated policies, legal memos, and the NJSBA’s Advocacy Agenda  
  • Board District Operations: includes information on board meetings, school reopening guidance, tips on communicating with the community during COVID, and technology resources for districts  
  • State and Federal Guidance: includes the official governmental guidance and Executive Orders that are pertinent to school districts. 

The page will be frequently updated.