A contingent of NJSBA members and officers travelled to Washington, D.C. recently for the Advocacy Institute, held by the National School Boards Association.

Advocacy group shot
The full NJSBA group that attended the NSBA Advocacy Institute is pictured. Beginning from left: Ron Sanasak, Al Miller, Mark Bonjavanni, Christy Tighe, MaryRose Malley, Kevin Ciak, Diane Holzberg, Don Webster, Sharon Seyler, Larry Feinsod, Patricia Fabrizio, Brandon Pugh,Teresa Kane, Larry Gurman, Lynn B. Anderson, Emily Morgan, Mike Vrancik, Ernest Turner, Carmencita T. Pile, Dan Sinclair, Martha Wilson, Joe Steele, Mike McClure.
  • NJSBA Executive Director Dr. Larry Feinsod speaks to board members and U.S. Senate staff about federal issues affecting public education, during NSBA’s Day on the Hill in Washington, D.C., held as part of the Advocacy Institute. Pictured from left are: NJSBA VP of Finance Mike McClure; NJSBA President Dan Sinclair; Howell Board Member Larry Gurman; Plainfield Board Member; Emily Morgan; and Dr. Feinsod.