The Workshop 2019 call for proposals is now open, and the NJSBA is looking for engaging, creative and thoughtful submissions. Proposals should reflect the best practices in education across the state.

The theme for Workshop 2019, “Imagine. Create. Lead,” will explore the limitless potential in New Jersey’s public education system.

The Workshop will take place from Monday through Thursday, Oct. 21-24, 2019 at the Atlantic City Convention Center.

Please consider the following session guidelines when shaping a proposal. These criteria will influence the selection of sessions to be presented.

What Workshop Attendees Want:

  1. Sessions with a greater depth of content
  2. Sessions that focus on best practices
  3. Sessions that provide tools that can be easily implemented
  4. Sessions designed to engage and educate
  5. Sessions with differentiated content for new and veteran school leaders
  6. Sessions showcasing cutting edge innovations in the education field

Presenters are encouraged to submit a proposal for the following training opportunities at Workshop 2019:

Action Labs are 90-minute programs, limited to 48 attendees, which actively involve participants. The majority of the time must be devoted to hands-on tasks directed by the presenter(s). On the Program Proposal Form, please clearly describe the program, spell out the objectives, and include a general list of activities so that the selection committee will be able to assess how the participants will enrich their skills.

Group Sessions are 60-minute programs which allow presenters to provide information for up to 200 attendees. At least one quarter of the program should be devoted to questions and answers. In designing the program, consider using any one of the following formats: single speaker, panel, debate, or some other program structure. If there is more than one presenter, include all of the required information for each individual on the completed Program Proposal Form. These training opportunities are limited to three presenters. Please clearly describe the program and spell out the objectives so that the selection committee will be able to assess how the attendees will benefit.

All Workshop program submissions will receive equal consideration.  The deadline for receiving completed forms is Friday, April 5, 2019 by 5 p.m. Those submitting proposals will be notified of the Associations’ decision by mid-June. Be sure to submit the Workshop Program Proposal Form. For more information, email