On Friday, March 22, the New Jersey Association for Gifted Children (NJAGC) will host its 28th annual conference, Ignite Passion with Purpose.

Jeff Danielian, editor of the National Association for Gifted Children’s (NAGC) publication Teaching for High Potential, will be the keynote speaker.  Presenters include renowned gifted experts, including Jonathan Plucker, Julia Lamb-Milligan and Tijl Koenderink.

Topics include creativity, interdisciplinary curricula, rigor for math, 2e, underserved populations, assessing talent in the arts, and much more.  A panel of national experts will discuss the current state of gifted education and what New Jersey districts need to know about New Jersey administrative code and proposed gifted legislation.

Six professional development hours are available. The conference will be held at the Conference Center at Mercer, 1200 Old Trenton Road in West Windsor.

March 23rd Event

On Saturday, March 23rd,  a half-day experience for educators and families will be offered at NJAGC’s REACH event.  STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) breakout sessions will be held for students.  All participants will learn about inventing from an entrepreneur team.

The adult breakout session by Dr. Julie Lamb-Milligan will provide strategies to help gifted children. Student contest winners will be recognized in art and writing. REACH will be held at the Ethel McKnight School in East Windsor, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Three professional development hours will be awarded to educators in attendance. To register and obtain more information, go here.