The New Jersey School Boards Association (NJSBA) and the U.S. Army are teaming up to host a monthly leadership training series starting this week. 

The series is based on the U.S. Army Master Resilience Trainer course, which is one of the foundational pillars in training Army personnel. This seven-part series will provide an overview of positive core competencies that contribute to resilience and strong leadership. 

Topics to be discussed include problem solving, goal setting, finding positivity, countering negative biases, promoting collaboration, and identifying emotion-based core beliefs and values that can trigger catastrophic thinking.   

February Session 

Army Leadership Training – Session 1: What is Resilience? Thursday, Feb. 11 from 3:30 – 4:30 p.m.  The Army defines resilience as the ability to grow and thrive in the face of challenges and bounce back from adversity. This year, schools have faced many challenges. Learn how Army resilience training can be integrated into the K-12 environment so your schools can be adaptive, flexible, and creative while becoming collaborative team members and be effective leaders.  


Upcoming Dates 

  • Put It in Perspective, March 16  Stop catastrophic thinking, reduce anxiety and improve problem solving by identifying the worst, best and most likely outcomes of a situation. 
  • Detect Icebergs, April 16  Identify core beliefs and core values that fuel out-of-proportion emotions and reactions, and evaluate the accuracy and usefulness of these beliefs. Identify core beliefs and core values that promote rejuvenation. 
  • Goal Setting, May 18  Identify, plan for and commit to the pursuit of a goal that results in more optimal performance, sustained motivation, and increased effort. 
  • Hunt the Good Stuff, June 16  Counter the negativity bias, create positive emotions and refine your skills in noticing good things.  
  • Avoid Thinking Traps, July 15  Identify and correct counterproductive patterns in thinking through the use of mental games and critical questions.  
  • Problem Solving, Aug. 19  Learn how to discover the cause of problems and deploy solution strategies. 

Registration Information School board members, superintendents, and others included on the census may register themselves online for this training program. 

Non-member district staff members may also register by clicking “Get Started” to create an account in NJSBA’s online portal.  

For questions regarding this program, please email Jennifer Siehl.