From left to right: Snow artists Juliette (pictured) and Conner Cheng, 9th- and 12th-grade students respectively, created likenesses of U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders and Vice President Kamala Harris; freshman Sean Hall made a snowman of Leonardo da Vinci, and 9th-grader Ria Jain paid homage to Gandhi. Photos provided by social studies teacher Shelly Lettington of Watchung Regional High School, which serves Somerset and Morris counties.

When a nor’easter pummeled New Jersey last week, high school social studies teacher Shelly Lettington had an idea. Why not find a way to get her students “off their screens” and play in the snow? 

Students in her AP European History and World History classes were given the assignment to build “historical snowmen.”  

Last week, School Board Notes invited readers to send in their pictures of how they were dealing with the snow, which prompted Lettington to email her photos to us. We extend our thanks to her, her students and to the others who sent in pictures showing their sense of fun.