Citing the meaningful contributions made by school boards to public education and to the quality of life in New Jersey, Gov. Chris Christie has proclaimed January 2017 as School Board Recognition Month in the state.

“New Jersey’s 5,000 local board of education members devote countless hours, without remuneration, to the oversight of school district operations, including finances, policy, curriculum and staffing,” the governor said in his Jan 6, 2017 proclamation. “New Jersey’s local boards of education endeavor to meet the challenges facing public schools and to help students attain the education necessary to excel in college and in the workplace and to enable them to compete in a global economy.

“By making meaningful contributions to public education, the dedicated members of local school boards have greatly enhanced the quality of life in our state,” the governor’s proclamation stated.

“The state’s local boards of education set the goals and provide oversight for the entire school district,” explained Don Webster, president of the New Jersey School Boards Association. “The work of school boards has a direct impact on the classroom, and their hard work and dedication have helped make New Jersey’s public schools a national leader in student achievement.”

The best way to assure a prosperous and bright future for our state is to provide a top-notch public education for our students,” said Dr. Lawrence S. Feinsod, NJSBA executive director.  “Board of education members are crucial to the governance of our schools, and their work has contributed to making the state’s schools among the most respected in the country.”

The New Jersey School Boards Association initiated the state’s first School Board Recognition Month in 2002 to honor the dedicated local school board members who oversee the education of the state’s nearly 1.4 million public school students.

NJSBA has posted a copy of Gov. Christie’s proclamation online, as well as information and resources for School Board Recognition Month in New Jersey.