The NJSBA Membership Census is vitally important to help ensure school board members can fulfill their leadership requirements.   

Providing accurate census information to NJSBA benefits both board members and business administrators, making it easier to use NJSBA’s online functions. Accurate information also allows NJSBA to communicate with members, and is required so that members can:  

  • Fulfill their mandated training requirements  
  • Register for NJSBA training programs  
  • Earn professional development credit  
  • Complete the online CSA Evaluation process  
  • Complete the online board self-evaluation process  

How do I review my census?  

The NJSBA Member Census may only be completed by the school business administrator. NJSBA launched its new member portal and district census in January 2020. If you are accessing the new portal for the first time, you must reset your password. Once at the login page for the Member Portal, click the “Get Started” button on the right side of the screen. Please review the full instructions on resetting your password.  

Under “Manage Census,” please click on the following links to complete the district census:  

  1. Update Board Information to review basic district information including the district address, website, and telephone number.  
  2. Manage Board Members to edit/add current board member information. (Required: All members’ email addresses must be verified.)  
  3. Manage Board Leadership Positions to add current board members to leadership roles. (Minimum required: President, Vice President, Delegate, Rep to the County)  
  4. Manage Board Staff to add or remove district staff members on the census.  
  5. IMPORTANT:  All four census sections must be reviewed and verified for accuracy.  Updates will appear on your census in one to two business days. You must complete all parts of the census for it to be marked as complete by the NJSBA Call Center.  

For further instructions, and to see a video explaining the process, go to the NJSBA Member Census webpage. For questions, please email