Public school personnel are essential workers, and getting them vaccinated, to protect them while they perform the essential service of educating schoolchildren, should be a top priority.  

At the request of some of its members, the New Jersey School Boards Association has drafted a sample resolution that board of education members may want to consider adopting. The resolution asks Gov. Murphy to clearly identify school personnel as essential frontline workers, first in line for the available vaccinations. 

In part, the resolution reads: 

“WHEREAS, public schools have a profound impact on millions of students, families and staff and are charged with the care, education, nourishment of their students and are an integral part of the health and safety of our communities; and… 

“WHEREAS, the COVID-19 Vaccination Plan published by the State of New Jersey Department of Health (December 15, 2020, pgs. 36-37) prioritizes the availability of vaccines to “essential workers” in Phase 1B of the vaccine protocol; and 

“WHEREAS, school district staff at all levels are essential to the day-to-day operations of this district, responsible for the thorough and efficient education of all students and their social and emotional wellbeing, are critical for virtual and in-class instruction and are “essential workers;”  

“NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED the _____________________ Board of Education finds a substantial public purpose exists to request that Governor Murphy give appropriate priority in the statewide administration of the COVID-19 vaccine to all public school district personnel.” 

A sample copy of the resolution can be downloaded here.