The New Jersey School Boards Association has applauded action taken recently by the State Board of Education to return the Jersey City Public Schools to full local control.

The district has been under state control since 1989.

“NJSBA is pleased that the State Board of Education has cleared the way for the Jersey City school district to return to complete local control. It’s been a long road for the community, extending almost three decades,” said Dr. Lawrence S. Feinsod, NJSBA executive director.

“Over the years, NJSBA has provided the Jersey City Board of Education with assistance in policy-setting and other governance functions, as well as onsite training,” he continued. “The best decisions for our students’ education are made at the local level. We look forward to continuing to serve the local school board as it completes the transition to local control.”

At its July 5 meeting, the State Board of Education approved a resolution stating that the district demonstrated “substantial and sustained” progress in improving its performance in “instruction and program,” one of the areas assessed by the state’s monitoring system, NJQSAC. The resolution also stated that the district has adequate programs, policies and personnel in place to ensure that the progress will continue.

NJQSAC evaluates school districts in five areas: governance; fiscal management; personnel; operations; and instruction and program. With its demonstration of substantial progress in the area of instruction and program, the Jersey City school district has met all criteria necessary to transition to full local control, according to the New Jersey Department of Education.

As the result of another resolution passed by the State Board on July 5, the NJDOE now will work with the district to develop a transition plan to end state intervention.