The New Jersey School Boards Associationrecently added the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS)as part of the NJSBA TEC Cooperative Pricing System. The Canvas LMS supports in-person, blended, and remote learning in school districts. 

The Canvas LMS helps to address “Continuity for Learning,” which is a key subject area presented in the state’s school reopening plan, The Road Back: Restart and Recovery Plan for Education. 

NJSBA Cooperative Pricing System The NJSBA Cooperative Pricing System eliminates the need for districts to undergo the competitive bidding process. Districts belonging to the NJSBA Cooperative Pricing System through ACES membership (see the full list of ACES members), can begin working with Canvas using the NJSBA procurement number #E-8801-ACES-CPS at any time. Districts that are not members of ACES must pass a resolution to join the NJSBA Cooperative Pricing System. 

About Canvas As the hub of the learning ecosystem, Canvas is a full-featured LMS that provides teachers and students with a consistent, familiar digital learning environment for K-12 and beyond. With one system to navigate, a single source for all communication, and one place to connect the tools you need with the apps you love, Canvas LMS helps districts provide a better teaching and learning experience. Learn more about Canvas.  

Learn More During an Upcoming Webinar, Join NJSBA on Thursday, July 16, at 11 am to learn how to use the Canvas LMS to support remote/blended learning. Hear from educators from East Brunswick Public Schools about their journey, and learn how to bring the Canvas LMS into districts through NJSBA TEC’s Cooperative Pricing System. Register now. 

For more information about bringing Canvas into your district, contact