Salary guides directly affect a district’s ability to attract, retain and equitably reward staff. To help districts learn how to analyze salary guides that help a board develop staffing and compensation goals, the New Jersey School Boards Association (NJSBA) is offering Intro to Salary Guides, an online training course. 

The course is crucial for any board member or administrator involved in negotiations and salary guide development. This program will review a step-by-step analysis of a salary guide. Participants will learn how to recognize and address salary guide aberrations, common terminology and themes used in salary guides. 

The online training is geared to the entire bargaining team, including labor attorneys and the business administrator. This interactive course will help participants understand how a well-constructed salary guide is critical to help school boards operate efficiently within current financial constraints. It is a five-week asynchronous course, which will allow attendees to complete the materials at their leisure, while also providing them with a facilitator to provide support, offer guidance, and engage in dialogue on the topic. 

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