Responding to Gov. Phil Murphy’s call for an “artificial intelligence moonshot” to establish New Jersey as a pioneering state for artificial intelligence-powered innovations, the New Jersey Department of Education issued an advisory with resources to help educators understand, prepare for, implement and manage AI in the school setting.

The resources are designed to help school districts responsibly and effectively integrate AI in the classroom and to use groundbreaking technology for administrative functions. The guidance helps put into context how AI can be used and how it can be integrated into the educational environment to better support teaching and learning.

Pre-recorded Technical Assistance Webinar

A pre-recorded technical assistance webinar is available on the NJDOE YouTube page. This webinar provides an overview of AI and AI concepts, current uses of AI in education and high-level discussion questions for educators to consider. The webinar is intended to be viewed by any education stakeholder.

NJDOE Artificial Intelligence Webpage

A webpage dedicated to AI is now available on the NJDOE website, under the Office of Innovation’s homepage. The AI webpage provides an overview of AI and AI concepts, high-level discussion questions for educators to consider, as well as resources for educators and education stakeholders regarding AI in education. The NJDOE intends to update this webpage regularly as AI continues to evolve. The AI website will also include links to information literacy practice briefs created by the NJDOE. The practice briefs highlight the importance of information literacy in each academic content area, offering a conceptual framework and broad guidelines to help educators make meaningful connections to information literacy skills within their area of expertise.

The Future of AI in New Jersey

Moving forward, the NJDOE’s Office of Innovation staff will meet with educators in the field to obtain feedback, learn how AI is being used, and discover existing needs, which will inform upcoming guidance, resources and professional development. In addition, the NJDOE will continue to participate in the Teach AI initiative, a consortium of various U.S. state departments of education and international education agencies that works collaboratively to establish frameworks for AI policy and for creating resources to promote teaching with, and about, AI in the classroom.

For questions regarding the NJDOE’s work in AI or to share information about how your district has implemented AI in innovative ways, please contact the Office of Innovation via email.