In an advisory, the New Jersey Department of Education encourages local educational agencies to review Spring 2024 New Jersey Graduation Proficiency Assessment results with locally administered assessments to determine the optimum mechanism to support learning and mastery of our state’s student learning standards.

NJGPA results will have been sent directly to each LEA’s central office by June 17, according to the advisory. There is a single individual student report for each student with the results for each component of the NJGPA.

Individual student reports will be sent to both the sending and receiving LEAs for students who receive their instruction at a school other than their accountable school. Once LEAs receive the individual student reports, the accountable LEA must mail a copy home to parents/guardians within 30 days, which will be July 16, 2024. The NJDOE encourages LEAs to share the individual student reports with students’ families as soon as practicable to facilitate the timely distribution of student results. To support these communication efforts, a sample parent cover letter is linked in the district communication resources section of the advisory.

District and State Reporting

Electronic summative files were made available May 9, 2024, and summary files May 17, 2024, to assigned school and district staff at accountable LEAs.

LEAs are strongly encouraged to review, analyze and discuss all assessment results with the appropriate staff as soon as possible. The results of the spring 2024 NJGPA provide essential information to assist LEAs in identifying students who have not yet met the state graduation assessment requirement and may need to take or retake one or both components of the assessment during the upcoming summer or fall testing windows.

Reporting Requirement

LEAs must report statewide assessment results to local school boards within 60 days of receipt, which will be Aug. 15, 2024. The report must include aggregated and disaggregated subgroup data, comparative analyses, and appropriate intervention strategies. The number of students for reporting is a minimum of 10 as per suppression rules applied to student data to protect student confidentiality.

For LEA awareness, the NJDOE plans to publicly release statewide district- and school-level data and school-level participation and performance data disaggregated by student subgroup in due course.

The full advisory contains a variety of district communication resources and additional information.

For any questions regarding the release of spring 2024 NJGPA statewide assessment results, please contact the Office of Assessments at 609-376-3960 or via email.