The Association’s Delegate Assembly (DA) will convene virtually on Saturday, June 27 at 9 a.m.  

The DA meets twice a year to set policies that determine NJSBA’s position on educational issues and establish bylaws that govern its operations. Each board of education in the state is entitled to one voting delegate.  

Delegates will attend the meeting via the Webex Events video meeting service; delegates will need a computer or smartphone to vote during the meeting.  

Delegates, as well as non-voting board members and guests, can register here.  Registrants will be informed of the logon information for the meeting closer to the date of the meeting; all participants must be registered by 5 p.m. on Thursday, June 25 in order to receive the logon information.  

Board members who have not been registered in the NJSBA census as their board’s delegate may act as the board’s official representative to the June 27 Delegate Assembly, provided they fill out this certification form and email it to NJSBA General Counsel Cynthia J. Jahn at

Members of the public may attend a teleconference broadcast of the meeting; the meeting call-in number is 1-415-655-0002; the access code is 127 916 8886 

Board of education members who are attending the meeting and wish to receive Board Member Academy credit towards certification need to fill out this form and submit it to Lucia Gershman via email.  Members will not receive credit unless the form is submitted.

Resolutions Delegates will vote on two resolutions at the June 27 meeting.  

  • Pohatcong, Alpha, Bloomsbury (Warren) The resolution seeks to reduce the threshold requirements for representation of a sending board on the receiving district board of education. 
  • Springfield Township (Burlington) The resolution seeks new policy language requiring the constituent district of a regional board of education to fill a board vacancy, rather than the regional board, which currently has the responsibility to fill the vacancy.  

Delegates who wish to propose amendments to the resolutions should email the suggested changes to Cynthia Jahn, NJSBA general counsel, by 5 p.m. Friday, June 26.  

Handbook Mailed The NJSBA Delegate Assembly Handbook, consisting of all materials relevant to the meeting, was mailed June 10, 2020 to all preregistered delegates, alternates or other board members serving as delegates.  It will also be posted on the NJSBA website at  The rules of conduct for the NJSBA Delegate Assembly can be found here.