The New Jersey School Boards Association has partnered with E-Rate Consulting, Inc. (ERC) to help school districts and member charter schools throughout New Jersey fully leverage the opportunities available through the Schools and Libraries Program of the Universal Service Fund, more commonly known as E-rate.

For over 15 years, ERC has provided comprehensive E-rate compliance and process management services to school districts throughout New Jersey. The ERC team possesses a deep knowledge and understanding of the services and technologies deployed by school districts and member charter schools, as well as the governing state procurement laws and regulations. Furthermore, ERC is well-versed in the market prices of eligible services and technologies, and can assist in the identification and evaluation of alternative solutions to help potentially reduce costs. ERC thus places great emphasis on understanding each client’s short-term technology needs and long-term goals, thereby allowing them to promptly identify cost-saving opportunities and overcome any related challenges.

In addition to administrative support, ERC provides guidance to help facilitate the efficient and effective delivery of a school district’s technology objectives. Because the program is deadline driven, ERC will assist districts with planning purchasing decisions so they adhere to the funding cycle’s rigid timelines, thereby preserving eligibility for E-rate discounts.

Informational Webinar To learn more about ways ERC can help schools and districts and put savings back into the classroom, register for a free webinar on Wednesday, July 12 at 10 a.m. Register today.

Cooperative Pricing System ERC is part of the NJSBA cooperative pricing system, which eliminates the need for districts to undergo the competitive bidding process. Districts belonging to the NJSBA Cooperative Pricing System through ACES membership (see the full list of ACES members), can begin working with ERC using the NJSBA procurement number #E-8801-ACES-CPS at any time. Districts that are not members of ACES, and would like to join the NJSBA Cooperative Pricing System, must pass a resolution.

To learn more or to request a proposal, please contact Vincent LaForgia, President of ERC.

ERC is offered as part of the NJSBA TEC program, which assists schools in becoming future-ready by providing cost-saving alternatives for creating, establishing and continuing the most current digital learning opportunities available for students. Learn more about the NJSBA TEC program via email.