As we close this historic school year, we need to pause and acknowledge our distinguished board members and educators for their remarkable achievement during the 2020-2021 school year in overcoming unforeseen circumstances and going to extraordinary lengths to reach — and teach — our students.

Not surprisingly, New Jersey school leaders have stepped up to face challenges and keep to their guiding principle: to provide children with the best instruction possible during a global pandemic that gripped our state early on.

Thankfully, we now find ourselves in a healthier place with many COVID-19 restrictions lifted, and districts able to hold school proms, performances, championship games and graduations in person once again. That is truly something to celebrate!

Renewed purpose, personal and professional growth, and community are among the important takeaways from this time.

So, whether you’re off to the Jersey Shore, a day trip to the city, or that long-awaited vacation that you have been dreaming about, we want you to know that we appreciate your unwavering efforts and we hope that you enjoy some much-deserved time off.

As always, NJSBA will continue to promote the importance of strong public schools, represent the interests of New Jersey’s 1.4 million public school students, and provide resources and training to the state’s boards of education.

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